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Transparent Dressing


Transparent Dressing is composed of PU film tape and absorbent pad, accompanied with air permeable label tape.


PU Film backing is totally transparent and convenient for observing. It is water-proof, breathable and anti-bacterial; Frame design is easy for sticking when operating, and it can effectively prevent the tension on the skin and decrease injury possibilities. The additional label tape is for easy recording and enhance the fixation.


A wide range of sizes and also can customize according to your requirements.


  • transparent dressings can be widely used in fixation of IV tube, such as CVC、PIV、T-Connector or A-line, etc.
  • Acute Wound Care and Preserving: such as post-surgery suture line wounds、off-suture wounds、skin donor site, surface abrasion, water vacuole, superficial tearing, and the preservation of skin from abrasion.
  • Chronic Wound Care and Preserving:such as Stage I and II decubitus, debriding of superficial black or yellow necrotic tissue.

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